We re-imagine medical education to train the health professionals of the future.

We believe in a new era of education, incorporating technology and what is recently possible to ensure deeper and more lasting learning and the acquisition of skills for the 21st century.

Academic Center

This unit is organized to train the best health professionals with training programs of academic excellence

Center for Continuing Medical Education

This unit focuses on the high-quality education of practicing healthcare professionals.


Training the medical leaders of the future

Advance your medical career through residencies, fellowships, and postdoctoral academic work. Our students are trained in all specialties in the main national accredited and non-accredited programs. Graduates are enrolled in interdepartmental degree programs in basic and translational sciences, population and social sciences, and clinical sciences.


Closing gaps with high-quality academic programs

The Auna Ideas Center for Continuing Medical Education aims to develop programs that bridge the gap between current standards and best practices. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes while advancing medical knowledge and professional competence.


Preparing our students to be the doctors of the new millennium

Our staff has high intensity teaching roles, serving as course directors or rotations, as well as coaches and mentors who guide medical students, residents, and fellows toward excellence in their fields.