About Us


The Auna Ideas Center for Continuing Medical Education (CMEC Auna Ideas) is a regional leader in promoting lifelong learning among healthcare professionals. As such, we promote the health of patients and the population and promote innovation by planning and implementing accredited and non-accredited continuing education activities to enhance the professional development of healthcare teams both locally and regionally, including those AUNA countries of operation.

To accomplish this mission, we apply the evidence and best practices from the educational and implementation sciences to develop, accredit, and evaluate activities and initiatives designed to enhance the skills, strategy, and performance of healthcare teams, ultimately with the goal of creating better health outcomes. By aligning our activities with relevant competency frameworks, we support our participants as teachers, healthcare professionals, and respective teams to deliver high-value care to their patients and the communities they serve.

Target Audience

CEMC Auna Ideas’s target audience includes all members of the healthcare team whose educational needs and specific gaps in practice can be addressed through continuing education initiatives. The CEMC serves international, national, and local students. As far as possible, CEMC Auna Ideas educational activities are developed by and for interprofessional teams to improve patient outcomes and promote innovation in collaborative practice.

Content Areas

The activities sponsored by the CEMC Auna Ideas include topics of primary care, specialties, and sub-specialties in the field of medicine. The scope of these activities involves the body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the profession within the basic medical sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health care to the public.

The content is evidence-based, refers to best practices supported by scientific literature and clinical guidelines, and is free from commercial biases.


CEMC Auna Ideas expects participants in its programs to acquire new knowledge and improve their skills and attitudes to increase clinical competence and / or improve performance with the ultimate goal of improving patient care, safety, and health outcomes. Initiatives based on performance improvement, quality improvement, and healthcare team are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants, to address systemic barriers to quality and performance. The ultimate goal is to achieve improvements in systems-based practice, leading to better performance by healthcare professionals.

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