We lead disruptive innovation and accelerate entrepreneurship in health-care.

We believe in creativity, the transformation of knowledge, and multidisciplinary work as the key pieces for the solution of the most complex problems of society and the world. We identify ideas and facilitate their development and scaling for health and well-being.

Our Purpose

Transforming healthcare, by leveraging next-generation technologies to promote the full cycle from ideation to implementation of innovative and disruptive strategies.

Our Process

By listening closely to clinicians, staff, and patients, we identify unmet needs and engage all stakeholders in the development and testing of new solutions, within our LIVING LABS.


The idea can come from our team, an Auna collaborator or an external partner, including industry, academia or start-ups.


The Auna IDEAS team carries out the research to determine desirability and viability of the solution.


The Auna IDEAS team accelerates and enriches the idea with the creators and partners, and prepares the business 


The Auna IDEAS team closes agreements between strategic partners, the Auna operations, and creators.


The solution is delivered and integrated into the business units where it will be deployed, inside or outside of Auna.

Interested in partnering with Auna Ideas?

Join the group of innovative companies and startups working with AUNA Ideas in our pursuit of transforming healthcare in our region.

  • Connecting – We link startups or innovative enterprises with front-line clinicians and scientists, to respond to the main pain-points in healthcare through scalable solutions.
  • Clinical Validation – We assess the impact of innovative interventions in healthcare in our living labs.