Educate to Innovate

We find and empower collaborators who are uncomfortable with the status quo, to transform healthcare with innovative ideas.

We create a culture of innovation throughout the AUNA organization providing resources, mentorship, workshops, and innovation calls. We also believe in fostering a strong community of Innovation outside of AUNA so we can stay attuned to the latest trends and technology impacting healthcare.

Educate to Innovate

We create educational programs together with the Education Division of Auna ideas to embed all our collaborators in the culture of innovation.

Speaker Series


Office Hours


Our Living Lab helps our innovators to explore, experiment, and evaluate their ideas and concepts in real use cases. That allows fitting adequately the solution into the workflow and measure their impact on the system, as well as to evaluate the responsiveness of patients and people involved in the process.

Interested in partnering with Auna Ideas?

Join the group of innovative companies and startups working together with AUNA Ideas in the challenge of transforming healthcare in our region.

  • Connecting – We connect healthcare innovative startups or Industry and front-line clinicians and scientific to attack the painful points on healthcare in order to ensure the translation of ideas into scalable solutions.
  • Clinical Validation – We assess the impact of healthcare innovative interventions.