Inside-Out Programs

Acceleration Lab 2021

This program facilitates the rapid and disciplined development, testing and implementation of new strategies to reinvent the delivery of medical care strategies, to obtain better results, value and experience of our patients.

Be part of the healthcare transformation in our region!

Now more than ever, it is time to INNOVATE, pushing unique ideas that optimize healthcare services and position Auna as a regional leader.


(Abril 7, 2021 • 3:00 PM)

Live streaming for all members of the organization. With a special guest from Amazon, who will talk about the innovation culture, followed by a presentation of the call. 

Projects Reception
(April 7-25, 2021)

Two weeks in which you will be able to prepare your project for applying, including office hours to solve doubts and complete the application form.

(Mayo 4-14, 2021)

A group of judges formed by external and internal people from our organization will evaluate each of the proposals and pick 5 semifinalists who will be announced.

Finalist pitches
(to be defined)

8-minute presentations of the finalist projects, where a jury formed by external and internal professionals will choose a winner. 

Acceleration of chosen project

The winner project will enter our acceleration process to develop a solution scalable to all of our organization and outside of it. 

Submit Your Project Here

Selection Criteria

Impact Areas


Any member of the Auna organization can participate. 

Yes, a person or team can send many applications. 

  • Novel approaches
  • New models of attention
  • Technology and devices

The ideas can be in any stage of development. It can be just and idea or something more developed. The main condition is that the idea solves a real healthcare problem.

The funding will be used to develop the project. The Acceleration Lab will work with the team to develop a plan that maximizes the funding impact to bring the idea to reality, creating prototypes, training and whatever it takes to achieve that. 

Any project developed in the Acceleration Lab belongs to Auna. 

Schedule Office Hours here to solve doubts and receive advice.


Based on the experience and needs of clinicians, staff, and patients, we identify unmet needs and then engage external partners including the private industry and academy to develop and test new solutions into our LIVING LAB.

Acceleration Lab

Incubator of innovative centers


Our Living Lab helps our innovators to explore, experiment, and evaluate their ideas and concepts in real use cases. That allows fitting adequately the solution into the workflow and measure their impact on the system, as well as to evaluate the responsiveness of patients and people involved in the process.

Interested in partnering with Auna Ideas?

Join the group of innovative companies and startups working together with AUNA Ideas in the challenge of transforming healthcare in our region.

  • Connecting – We connect healthcare innovative startups or Industry and front-line clinicians and scientific to attack the painful points on healthcare in order to ensure the translation of ideas into scalable solutions.
  • Clinical Validation – We assess the impact of healthcare innovative interventions.