Outside-In Programs

We evaluate innovative solutions from startups and larger external companies for opportunities to enhance health care delivery at Auna.

Through the contextual research methodology, we gain deep insight to understand the clinical and operational factors that shape the process to transform. This allow us to connect our innovators with partner startups and the industry to build together a solution.


Based on the experience and needs of clinicians, staff, and patients, we identify unmet needs and then engage external partners including the private industry and academy to develop and test new solutions into our LIVING LAB.

Health Hackathon


Our Living Lab helps our innovators to explore, experiment, and evaluate their ideas and concepts in real use cases. That allows fitting adequately the solution into the workflow and measure their impact on the system, as well as to evaluate the responsiveness of patients and people involved in the process.

Interested in partnering with Auna Ideas?

Join the group of innovative companies and startups working together with AUNA Ideas in the challenge of transforming healthcare in our region.

  • Connecting – We connect healthcare innovative startups or Industry and front-line clinicians and scientific to attack the painful points on healthcare in order to ensure the translation of ideas into scalable solutions.
  • Clinical Validation – We assess the impact of healthcare innovative interventions.