We believe in working together with the community, collaborators, patients and their families, and with all those organizations that look to improve wellness and quality of life.


Humanitarian Missions

Aimed at people with congenital malformations and consequences of accidents in the upper limbs. It takes place every year in Medellín.

Like Operation Fábrica de Sonrisas, it is aimed at low-income children with cleft lip and palate. It is carried out at the Delgado Auna Clinic in Lima and with financial support from Smile Train.

Aimed at operating low-income children with cleft lip and palate. With the support of the Crilab Foundation at the Portoazul Auna Clinic in Barranquilla


Hospital Clown is a collaboration of Las Américas Auna and its companies that voluntarily accompanies sick people who need their skills to transform the emotions of difficult moments in their lives using playful tools and complementary therapies that help the patient and their family to improve their condition.

Psychosocial Support

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